DZS expands its leading-edge Gfast FTTB solutions portfolio

May 5, 2020

Combination of DZS and former Keymile know-how spawns new form factors featuring Gfast 212a profile technology tailored to bring hyper-broadband connectivity to both large and small MDUs


Hanover, Germany, May 5, 2020DASAN Zhone Solutions, Inc. (NSDQ: DZSI or “DZS”), a leading enabler of the emerging hyper-connected, hyper-broadband world, is proud to announce the introduction of the new MileGate 2144 and MileGate 2041 Distribution Point Units (DPUs) to its expanding fiber-to-the-building (FTTB) solutions portfolio. Featuring multi-gigabit speeds over existing in-building infrastructure and a variety of port densities and form factors, these new solutions leverage cutting-edge Gfast profile 212a technology, capable of supporting data transmission rates of almost 2 Gbps over the short copper and coaxial loops typical of multi-dwelling units (MDUs) globally. The enhancements to the DZS FTTB solutions portfolio open powerful new opportunities for service providers and developers seeking to address the needs of MDUs worldwide, bringing subscribers in bandwidth-hungry but copper-rich apartment and commercial buildings rapidly into the hyper-connected world with optimized systems capable of gigabit+ speeds.

 “MDUs, despite representing a significant portion of the broadband premises served globally, have remained on the sidelines of the gigabit revolution due to challenges in upgrading their existing in-building infrastructure,” says Teresa Mastrangelo, Founder and Principal Analyst at BroadbandTrends. “Gfast profile 212a has the potential to change that equation, making true gigabit speeds possible over existing copper and coaxial cable in MDUs, and offering a big leap forward over Gfast profile 106a. We are seeing profile 212a catalyzing the fiber-to-the-building market, and applaud vendors like DZS offering a wide variety of form factors and optimized port counts to address this opportunity.”

The two new fiber-fed Gfast DPUs from DZS, the MileGate 2144 and MileGate 2041, are welcome additions to one of the industry’s fastest growing portfolios of Gfast solutions optimized for FTTB applications. The new MileGate 2144, with 24 ports of Gfast profile 212a technology, offers a high port density for hyper-broadband connections in mid- to large-sized residential, commercial, or mixed-use MDUs, while the compact MileGate 2041 offers 4 Gfast ports and is best suited for small MDUs.

“Gfast profile 212a offers a dramatic improvement to achievable data rates and reach over existing wire infrastructure in MDUs,” explains Jochen Krauss, Director of Product Management at DZS. “The MileGate 2144 and MileGate 2041 embrace this latest profile and run with it, delivering not only world-leading performance, but adding new port densities and form factors to the DZS MDU solutions portfolio. We see Gfast profile 212a accelerating the already growing gigabit services market globally by providing a new, viable option to millions of MDUs globally with existing copper infrastructure, and the newly expanded DZS MDU solutions portfolio featuring this technology as an ideal option for service providers and developers looking to capitalize on this opportunity.”

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